Douglas Steward Australian Shepherd Dog Plush Stuffed Animal


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Brand: Douglas

Color: Gray / White / Tan


  • Steward is a lifelike Australian Shepherd stuffed animal with a beautiful tri-colored coat. Crafted with cuddly plush and stuffed with squeezably soft polyester fill, Steward will hold up to hours of fun and adventure.
  • His breed specific details include a mottled blue merle coat with white and tan markings and a short, bobbed tail. His alert stand up pose and attentive expression depict a true to life representation of this popular herding breed.
  • Designed in Keene, New Hampshire, U.S.A. by Douglas Cuddle Toys, makers of engaging plush toys for over 60 years. Sewn in Indonesia by skilled toy-makers.
  • Measures 8" (20 cm) long.
  • Safe for all ages over 24 months, machine washable.

Details: With a vigilant glance and an alert stand up pose, not much gets past Steward the Australian Shepherd! The tri-colored coat of the Aussie has been beautifully represented in our lifelike stuffed animal. Steward's handsome blue merle coat is accented with white and tan markings that follow the patterning of his real life counterparts. Quality plush fur of varying lengths and silky polyester fill ensure Steward's not just realistic but ultra soft and snuggly too. Ready for a cuddle or a trip to the park, this pup is an ideal companion for dog lovers of all ages. Brimming with detail and distinction, Steward the Australian Shepherd is a lovable plush friend!

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