Funky Junque Exclusives Baby Infant Beanie Knit Warm Winter Pom Skull Cap Hat

Funky Junque

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Brand: Funky Junque


  • Great Look: YOUR BABY WILL LOOK SO CUTE IN THESE PRECIOUS POM BEANIES. These thick, ribbed knit pom hats will keep your baby extra warm and cuddly. Beautifully designed, this unisex kids’ beanie cap will look fabulous on your little angel and is perfect when the weather turns from warm to snuggly. These hats will look good with winter coats, boots, socks, scarves, gloves, mittens, booties, onesies, blankets and more.
  • Great Fit: THE HAT IS RECOMMENDED FOR PREEMIE AND INFANTS WITH HEAD CIRCUMFERENCES BETWEEN 13 AND 17 INCHES. Typically, up to nine months, but it’s more based on size of head, not age. Measures 6” x 6.5” lying flat (plus a 3” diameter pom). With a comfortable fit, there is still plenty of stretch. Great fit for both baby boys and baby girls alike.
  • Great Quality: BEAUTIFULLY AND SOFTLY KNITTED 100% ACRYLIC. Wash on a cold, delicate cycle and hang to dry. Great fit for both little boys and little girls alike.
  • When to wear: THROW THIS SOFT, STRETCH CAP ON YOUR BABY FOR ANY CHILLY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY. Perfect to provide warmth and comfort in your youngster’s stroller while going for a walk, at a pumpkin patch, during Christmas season, at a parade, on a play date, and more.

Details: Keep your little one warm, cozy and fashionable all winter long with these adorable soft knit baby pom beanies. Available in a variety of colors, our pompom beanies look great on baby girls and baby boys alike. These adorable chunky unisex skull caps are perfect for keeping your infant warm in the winter or fall, but also is a great accessory for the cooler days of spring and summer. Makes a great birthday present or holiday gift for you children, grandchildren, niece or nephew and more.