Gamewright Dungeon Drop – The Infinite Dungeon Creation Table top Game


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Brand: Gamewright


  • Create Your Dungeon - Drop the cubes into the center of the playing area
  • Draw 1 of 15 different player races with unique special abilities
  • Draw 1 of 10 different player classes with unique special abilities
  • Draw a secret mission to maximize gem cube values
  • Triangulate the columns to collect the most treasure
  • Collect keys and treasure chests to unlock more gold
  • Find the magic shield to defeat the dragon!
  • No two dungeons will be the same…truly infinite possibilities!
  • Players 1-4, Recommended age 8+, 20 minutes playing time
  • Co Published by Phase Shift Games

Details: It's time to drop into the dungeon! Venture into an ever-shifting labyrinth teeming with untold treasure. Colorful cubes represent, gold, gems, goblins, and more. Raid the rooms that best suit your hero’s quest, but stay alert - the dungeon changes with every drop. Grab the most loot and become the Dungeon Drop Master!

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