SLIMYSAND 3 Pink Pounds 2 Colors Glitter Blue


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  • Sand that stretches, molds, and takes shape: take a big grip of slimygloopslimysand and begin gripping and molding your sand into any form or shape you desire
  • Fun sensory experience: squish, twist, stretch, and squeeze ready-made slimygloopslimysand for an unmatched sensory experience
  • Therapeutic: the activity of Squishing and squeezing creates a calming effect that relieves stress while strengthening fine motor skills
  • Reusable: Store in the reusable bags included to keep your slimygloopslimysand from drying out

Details: Get ready for some sweet slimygloopslimysand goodness! With 2 lbs. Of pre-made slimygloopslimysand in 5 different colors — plus 8 Super sweet molds — you can mold, stretch, and expand a batch of creations shaped just like your favorite dessert! Pack and layer different colored slimygloopslimysand into your molds, flip them onto your included play tray, gently lift, and get ready to bake — without the oven or the mess! From donuts to cookies and candies to cupcakes, This reusable set makes for hours and hours of the Sweetest sensory play with the easiest cleanup. Recommended for ages 5 and up.