The Orb Factory Morph Prehistoric Compound Playset, Pink/Purple/Orange/Blue, 10" x 2" x 9"

The Orb Factory

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Brand: The Orb Factory

Color: Pink/Purple/Orange/Blue


  • Super light
  • It never dries out so it is completely reusable!
  • Shape shifting fluff

Details: Morph is the shape shifting fluff that does all the stuff! Sculpt and fluff, mix it, Mold it and Ink it Create a Morph masterpiece with Morphmazing details. Add fluff to your custom sculpt to take it to the next level. Combine colors of Morph to create a new original color. Fluff your Morph and watch the colors mix. Due to the versatility of Morph it is able to pick up even the tiniest details. Press it in a mold to get a perfect copy. Draw with Chalk pastels, press Morph onto your drawing for a perfect colorful transfer.

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EAN: 0622222077631

Package Dimensions: 10.5 x 9.4 x 2.2 inches

Item Condition: New